Introduction to Studio Lighting

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Are you a beginner photographer that wants to get to grips with how lighting works or someone that is competent with their camera and wants to use a studio to take pictures, but were just too intimidated to book one?

Well this is the course for you. In time everyone develops their own style but this course will give you the confidence to try out what you have learnt and feel confident that you will get a decent result.

I’ll be covering such things as :-


  • How to set up your camera for the studio
  • How best to set your lights for the desired result, whether that 1,2 or 3 of them.
  • What are Beauty dishes, Softboxes, grids & snoots? and what do they do to the light.
  • How to use reflectors/polyboards to shape the light to get what you want from the picture.
  • Going through the fundamental lighting patterns, which are used in all flash photography.
  • What is a light meter & what does it tell you?
  • Using Hard & Soft light and how it affects the result.
  • Putting together your own headshot/Fashion photograph

You will need to have a basic understanding of how your camera works as we will be shooting in manual (Shutter, Aperture, ISO, White balance). I will explain more about how your camera reacts by adjusting these, on the day.

Your camera should also have a hotshoe from which to fire the lights, although the triggers (the devices which make the lights fire) will be provided.

Please let me know which camera make you have when booking.

Paul kindly organised a 1:1 studio lighting course for me. It was such a great experience, I came home buzzing with ideas and information. As a ‘natural light photographer’ I was very much out of my comfort zone. But over the morning session, Paul clearly and patiently explained how to setup lighting in a studio.

Paul is really knowledgeable and professional and the course was just what I needed to start me off on my studio work. The session included a model who was very professional and easy to work with. All in all, I highly recommend Paul if you are looking to expand your knowledge on anything to do with studio lighting / headshots etc.. he is your man!


Jess Orchard Photography

Q & A

Q : How long will the course be?

A: The course will run over a morning or afternoon and take approximately 4hrs, refreshments are included.

Q: Where will the course take place?

A: The course will take place at my studio in Hook (Hampshire)

Q:  I dont have a camera that has a  hotshoe, can I borrow one?

A: Yes I do have spare cameras, which can be used.

Q: Will a model be provided?

A: Absolutely.. as this will ensure consistent quality across the whole course.

Q: Can I use the pictures in my portfolio?

A: Yes you can, but they cant be used for commercial purposes.

Q: Will there be lots of people shooting at the same time?

A: There will be a maximum of 4 participants, you will each have plenty of 1-1 time with the model.

Q: Where will this take place?

A: At Hook Photographic Studio (Hook Hampshire) this 1000 sq ft studio has all the flexibility needed for great learning.

Next course date : TBC

Model : Poppy Haskell

Cost :£179.00