1-1 Mentoring Sessions

When its just time to concentrate on you for a change

So what is Mentoring? and why do I need it?

A mentor is someone who can patiently assist with someone’s growth and development in a given area. This assistance can come in the form of guidance, teaching, imparting of wisdom and experience


  • Unlike some other photography companies that only run group courses, sometimes you just need to focus on one particular aspect of your photography or maybe that you learn better in a 1-1 environment. Maybe its Lighting, Photoshop or something simple as getting the right workflow for your shoots.


  • I always start with a conversation with you to learn what it is you need and then together we formulate a plan with an end goal and see what period of time you are going to need.


  • Whilst there may be some instances where a video call is appropriate, I really like to be with my Mentees in person so that you have every opportunity to gain the knowledge you want (extra travel costs may apply)





I am a photographer who is starting out in the business. I am self taught and as I have progressed some technical gaps in my experience have become apparent. I had a one to one session with Paul and covered topics such as on and off camera lighting systems, camera settings (including; white balance, ISO, and other basics) He is extremely knowledgeable in all the areas we covered. I feel so much more confident in managing low light conditions. He is clear, concise and friendly. Highly recommended for all levels of photographer ?


Tamsyn Warde Photography

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