Ever fancied being a Mermaid for the day?

So what better way to spend a day than in a glorious location, surrounded by the Buckinghamshire countryside and a swimming pool full of Mermaids! I’ve have recently started collaborating with Grace Page to organise these days which are becoming ever popular 🙂

Grace is the current Miss Mermaid UK and helps with both the posing and supplying the tail for use on the day. The day begins with a quick tour of the gorgeous property we use in Henley on Thames, ample space both indoors and out (great for enjoying lunch in the sunshine!) and we took maximum advantage of this starting with some posing in your tail for approx 30 mins before all your hair and makeup get ruined. The tails themselves come in either Silicon or Lycra, the silicon ones being the most expensive and intricate.. these really are a lot heavier than you would expect, the heaviest one of the day ( I know because I did offer to carry it) was over 3 stone in weight! The colours of these are just simply amazing.

We then spend the rest of the time in the pool, normally taking it in turns with a maximum of 2 other people. The reason we do this is that repetitive breath holding gets really tiring so you need time to recover. We schedule 4 x 15 min sessions which is normally time for me to get ample shots of you posing in different ways.

All of the shots are edited to an online gallery, within a few days, for you to choose your favorites which are then delivered to you electronically.

It was a really fun day, finishing with Grace dressing as Wonder Woman (well the film is out very soon!).. we had some brilliant feedback, and look forward to doing another in a couple of months…. so if this is a burning ambition.. let me make your dream come true :). Just complete the box below and let me know.





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