Written by Paul

August 21, 2020
So following a post one of my recent clients made about how they were feeling before the shoot and how much easier they felt toward the end.. it prompted me to think why more people don’t choose to have this? Wedding planning is a busy time, yet many overlook what I believe is a vital step in that process.
The photographer will be spending a huge amount of hours with you on your day…wouldn’t you rather spend with someone you are already comfortable with?
Here are my top 5 tips

1. You get to meet your photographer!.. sounds daft, but many people these days book almost entirely over text or email and without this may not meet their wedding photographer until he walks in to the Bridal Prep. I actually go out of my way to meet my couples at least once, even if they aren’t having an engagement shoot. The photographer will be spending a huge amount of hours with you on your day, and it really shows in the finished product if you have built a rapport or relationship with them in advance. After all if you have to spend all that time with someone, wouldn’t you rather spend with someone you are already comfortable with?

2. Most couples are understandably nervous about being in front of the camera, and aren’t really relishing the prospect of having a camera pointed at them all day. The Bride & Groom shots tend to be some of the ones you will look at for years to come but just the two of you in front of the photographer is where the anxiousness is at its uppermost, so what does engagement shoot do for you? Well for a start your photographer can talk to you about posing and help you get into your own natural rhythm. No one wants to see the same pictures of the same pose over and over so and freestyling from your couple is going to help both them and the photographer. I tend to chat, a lot, whilst on the shoot as by concentrating on what i’m talking about diverts the focus from the camera and before you know, it becomes a conversation with a piece expensive glass between us.

3. Isn’t it nice to have some memories of this special time, coupled with the fact that these can then be used on you wedding website/Facebook page or even the Save the Date invites. It’s not often that you have a professional picture done of you and your other half, so this is invaluable too.

4. You’ll have an opportunity to see how your photographer works and whether their style suits you. Obviously you would have done your research long before booking your photographer, but you have no idea what the finished article is going to look like, so isn’t it worth getting a sneak peak of what you are going to look like?

5. You want to look your best in the pictures, so why not take the opportunity to work with your hair & makeup artist. Most offer a trial run before the big day, so unless you have another special event combine the two for that extra special polish to the photo.
So who actually benefits from this? Well the answer is everyone. It’s going to help you and it’s going to help your photographer too as you’ll be familiar with each other, but most of all you have the best chance of getting perfect moments captured on one of the most special days in your life.

If I get it right … this could be you walking towards me on the happiest day of your life!
Paul Dale is a Wedding & Portrait photographer based on the Surrey/ Hampshire borders.

In addition to this, Paul is an accomplished underwater portrait photographer, producing uniques works of art.

Written by Paul

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