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The power of the Mermaid..


Its been a busy few weeks for me, lots of different types of shoots but my absolute favourite is being able to shoot underwater. I’d had this shoot arranged with Grace Page (the current Miss Mermaid UK) as part of a new venture we are doing if being a Mermaid for the day  is something you have always yearned to do or even want to gift this to someone then do let me know, no previous experience is necessary as we will be giving you all skills you will need for the day and lending you a tail for the authentic Mermaid look 🙂

So whilst we were having lunch discussing business ideas, Grace gets a phone call from a well known Facebook Page (23 million followers big!!) wanting to video people with interesting jobs.. clearly they weren’t looking for a photographer but seeing what Mermaids get up to in their daily life well thats interesting! They arranged to come and video our photoshoot but contrary to what I was expecting ( maybe 2 or 3 people and a video camera) two minibus loads of 14 crew and their equipment turn up .. GULP. Having never done anything like this before, it was all a bit nerve wracking and great fun all at the same time.

Trying out some different techniques.. well you have to keep pushing yourself or you’ll never improve, we were both really pleased with the results (Grace always jokes after everytime we shoot together I manage to capture her favourite picture ever!!) even if a little tired from a long day of shooting and driving! I’ll be able to link the video very soon.. for now you’ll have to settle with my pictures



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